Drupal portfolio

A version of my portfolio as a drupal website

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A service for people with a lower wage

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A website to post your favorite photo's

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Kweeni App

A small nodeJS website

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A design for a cooking app

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KRC Genk app

A re-design for the KRC Genk app

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Website creativity gym

A re-design for the website of the creativitygym

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Logo version 1

My first try at creating my logo

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Kobo one

Hi, my name is Kobe Christiaensen, I am 20 years old and live in Kortenberg, Belgium. At the moment I am working hard to finish my last year of college.

I discovered my passion for developing during my studies of IMD (Interactive Multimedia Design/Development) in Mechelen. Here I did not only learn my way around code but I also learned the creation process of projects.

Take a look at my resume

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